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Achieving Results for All Portland Residents

Preserving Our Future

Portland is a quintessential small New England town. Our history is tied to shipbuilding and quarry operations. The stone from our quarry and nearby localities were used in a number of landmark buildings in Chicago, Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, New Haven, Hartford, Washington D.C., and Baltimore. Portland has the longest Connecticut River frontage of any town in the state. This natural resource is underutilized in our town, with no public waterfront access.  We want to celebrate and preserve our history and while creating economic development and growth in our business sector.  

Delivering Fiscal Value and Results

We are advocates for tax fairness and ensuring the greatest possible return of tax dollars to the Town of Portland. We seek a high caliber of educational and municipal services at fair and reasonable costs to our community, delivering results that go beyond expectations to improve the quality of life for all.

​ PRTC Officers

  • Chair- Timothy Lavoy    

  • ​Co-Vice Chairs- Ryan J Curley  & Chris Donahue  

  • Secretary- Karen Renner   

  • Treasurer- Cynthia Varricchio    

  • Deputy Treasurer- David Murphy

  • Nomination Committee Chair- James McCabe  

  • Finance Committee Chair- Mike Hernandez

  • Public Relations\Media Chair- Mike Nadolski

What’s at Stake

Portland is at a crossroads to the future. We ask voters to embrace a bright future with a First Selectman who has the competence, experience, and a track record of success in public office.  Ryan Curley has his B.S. in accounting and MA in Public Administration. Prior to his 6 years of service as the current Portland Town Clerk, Ryan served for two terms (4 years) on the Portland Board of Selectman.  The present leaders in Portland have ignored long term capital needs for far too long.  Just one example is the PHS\PMS track has become unusable for Athletic events, despite knowing for years that serious repair was needed.  The future use of the Brownfields Riverfront property will be decided in the next two years. We want a team that will use professional standards to make this decision based on both our conservation and development goals and the economic growth for the town. We believe this site needs to be back on the tax rolls, not as an excuse to grow the size of our town government.

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