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Dave Murphy

Board of Education

Dave Murphy is a candidate for reelection to the Board of Education. Dave has served one 4-year term on the Board of Education and has been essential to the attainment of several major goals, including the roll out of Chromebooks to grades 5-12 and the completion of Phase 3 of the Brownstone Window replacement project.


Dave was instrumental in the creation of a Building and Grounds committee to address the ongoing and future needs of the district’s school buildings and the Insight School Facilities report, providing a road map to the future of our school infrastructure needs.


Dave’s focus has been for complete transparency and fiscal responsibility when addressing issues, especially on operational and long-range capital projects. He has lived in Portland for 18 years with his wife Phyllis and his daughter Emily.  Dave has a BS in Business Administration from Syracuse University and a MBA from Mount Saint Mary College. He works for Stanley Tools as a Planning Manager.


Dave plans to bring his drive, energy and attention to detail into his continuing work on the Board of Education. Please join us by supporting Dave for election to the Board of Selectmen

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