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Our Team for Portland

Stacey Benham

Board of Education


Stacey Benham is a long time Portland resident and a first-time candidate for the Board of Education. Stacey and her husband Jon have lived in Portland for 25 years, where they are committed to revitalizing their historic home on Main Street.  They have raised two daughters, Morgan (PHS Class of 2016) and Ashley (PHS Class of 2019) who were both involved in student government and athletics throughout their high school years.  Stacey holds a BS in Occupational Therapy from the University of Hartford and a post-professional Doctor of Occupational Therapy from Quinnipiac University. 


Stacey is the Director of Clinical Education at Hartford Healthcare at Home as well as part time faculty at Quinnipiac University in the department of Occupational Therapy.  She serves on the board and is the Chair of the Education Committee for CT Association for Healthcare at Home. 


Stacey served on the Portland Ethics Commission prior to her decision to run for the Board of Education. 


She will advocate for fiscal responsibility and transparency with strategic planning and capital expenses to maintain our schools.  Stacey plans to use her leadership in education to work collaboratively with the board to align policy and curriculum, maximize student achievements, and increase inclusion and equity within the Portland school system.

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